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Car stereo In car entertainment has steadily progressed since the 1930s when AM radios first were introduced to the automotive industry. Today, we are seeing a megatrend of the vehicle becoming a "Third Living Space", with the center stack becoming the most prized real estate within an automobile. With the introduction of 5G, V2x or "Vehicle to Everything" communication will become a reality.

Reading magazine in car The transition from ICE to EVs (further to Autonomous Vehicles), is impacting the buying trends of consumers. The importance agile driving and high-performance engines is moving to a focus on efficiency and convenience. Inside the car, today's infotainment systems are used primarily assist the driver (integrating back up cameras, navigation), tomorrow they will enable this "Third Living Space" offering relaxation and entertainment when in autonomous.

Car stereo Reading magazine in car
Importance related to level of autonomous driving chart

A primary focus of vehicle design will be to create this Third Living Space to ensure the interior is comfortable and quiet. There have been many advancements to this end, such as improved sound absorbing materials, multi-layered, laminated glass, electronic sound cancellation and such. The combustion engine both creates and masks sounds from both inside and outside the vehicle (wind, road, brakes), but HEVs and EVs come with their own challenges that must be addressed. High pitched motor whine, tire, air compressor, brake booster and aerodynamic noises as examples. So HEVs and EVs are not inherently quieter than combustion engines.

What AKM brings

AKM has over 30 years' experience in the high-end audio market. Further details about this technology can be seen at

We are focused to bring this Velvets Sound performance into the automotive market. This level of sound quality will be expected in a vehicle elevating the requirements of the infotainment system.

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AKM's first-generation premium audio DAC, a multi-bit device based on DWA (Data-Weighted Average) technology, was release in 1998. Today, our Velvet sound technology has expanded to the AK4499 with 140dB SNR and -124dB THD+N. AKMs years of experience in the audio industry have enabled us to create advanced solutions that have been adopted by well-established companies around the world, across products ranging from consumer applications to the high-end market. AKM sound concepts:

AKMs three fundamental concepts chart
The Focus on Low Latency

To achieve the best performance, signal conversion and processing speed is essential for new infotainment requirement to implement ICC (In Car Communication), ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), RNC (Road Noise Cancelation), and zone audio bubbles. AKM has developed ultra-low latency audio converters and processors enabling these.

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